Monday, November 4, 2013

Clothing Optional vs. Compulsory Nudity - Camp Full Monte (nsfw video)

An article with a point of view that we do understand but we do not agree.

And you, what do you prefer?

"We're not in the business of converting people to nudism."

Camp Full Monte owners Steve and Denise explain why clothing optional rather than required nudity is their preferred approach to, well, if not nudism/naturism, running their campground. They present their case well in this video.

Something not mentioned here but a vital factor in any discussion of this kind, is that venues must operate at a profit to survive. There are a lot more potential non-nudist customers available than nudist, and the clothing-optional compromise solves that problem. The result, of course, is a lessened experience for the nudist customers who go to nudist venues to get away from Textiles and the resulting discomfort that often creates. That's why most venues require nudity whenever reasonable; for the comfort of the guests.

In an ideal world, all could do as they please, clothing-wise, without anyone thinking nudity to be strange, but we don't live in that world. The reality is that nudists/naturists see things differently and are quite aware that clothed people look at us from their own perspective. Regardless of how 'accepting' they may be, we nonetheless are seen as a bit odd, and being on 'exhibition' is not a comfortable feeling unless one happens to be an exibitionist.

So while we respect the decision that Camp Full Monte be a Textile campground which allows those who wish to get naked to do so, we ourselves will spend our hard-earned nudist vacation money at nudist venues where we can be around folks like us, not like those we left behind at home, at work, at the store, and everywhere else that Textile society exists.

We are, after all, All-Nudist!

Camp Full Monte website

Clothing Optional vs. Compulsory Nudity. Our view from Steve & Denise on Vimeo.

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