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Nudism on the decline

Nudism and Naturism are not in a decline path, however the world are changing and our live style follow's trends, so the way how youth see it is different from old fellows.

The economic situation give more focus to our way of spending money, we choose better and wisely.

Naked organizations should work and have strategy's focus on is own "client".

Inf Card Holders and nudist or naturist that want to join Us or other naked organizations are  different nowadays, and they are our "client".

This means that we have to find and work to supply what they are demanding instead of working to our self's, only organizations focusing on is own actual and new members will survive, and this is a never ending job this imply a continuous path on changing and discovering the best way to do it.        

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"I find this amazing and accurate article and subscribe is author. 
First, this trend in my own opinion is happening nowadays worldwide. If you belong to a nudist or naturist organization is very easy to see it. Or if you visit some Naturist Federation website you can find  that youth organization are actually lower than it was in past. Naturist organizations worldwide are probably getting an older average age in is own members likewise general population in those country´s, and this average is increase by less youth membership. 

Second, all organization are aware off it but changing it´s focus to deal with this problem is very complicate. Youth and older naturist have different ways  of language and communication.  Even worst they use different channels to communicate. They have  different interest and different goals nowadays, and all off that  is a mass to deal. Changing how organizations works, changing goals and priorities are very complicate and takes time, and they do not have that time. The problem and the solution must be found and working should start right now  or same organizations will closed. 

Portuguese organizations have the same problem, and our Federation is now trying to reverse this situation with  an lower annual fee to youth but this will not be enough. Our organizations will need to have same staff working and focuses in youth recruitment and at same time have to  grow in older naturist membership. It seems simple but as you know they are volunteers and this effort takes a lot of time. What is your opinion about this ? How can it be fix ? "

From time to time articles appear from various news sources proclaiming the end is in sight for nudism. Just last summer an article noted that membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation has dropped precipitously from a high of more than 50,000 to about 35,000 members.  ... ... It's amusing from the perspective that evidently most people outside of nudist culture are completely unaware that social nudity has been practiced in the U.S. since at least 1929. The nudist subculture preceded Woodstock by several decades. There is a however a grain of truth in reports that nudism is declining. In a recent post about the upcoming 2014 elections for the American Association for Nude Recreation published in the The Altogether, the association's official weblog, it was stated, "The board and executive officers elected in 2014 will be responsible for setting direction to reverse the continuing decrease in membership..." There is no denying then that AANR membership is declining. It isn't enthusiasm for nudism as a lifestyle choice that is declining, but interest in holding membership in nudist organizations. Along with that, there is less interest especially among young adults in visiting traditional nudist clubs as the first choice for social nudity or naturist activities venues. Part of the problem may be that traditional nudist clubs weren't willing or agile enough to make changes that might have made such facilities more appealing to younger nudists yet other factors are at work. Generation X and the Millennials just aren't as interested in joining organizations as were past generations. Memberships in nudist organizations are declining for the same reason that memberships are declining in fraternal organizations like Moose Lodges and the Elks. Today American nudist and naturist organizations seem to be primarily occupied with fighting a rear guard action, dug in and trying to cling to the hard won clothing-optional victories won during the Lee Baxandall era. That brings to mind a quote from Ellis, a character in the film No Country for Old Men, "All the time you spend trying to get back what's been took from you, more is going out the door." [More from Dallas Nudist Culture: The ethical nudist] In large measure, decline of club nudism is simply the product of the natural evolution of nudist culture. Along with rejecting established social norms regarding when it is appropriate to be nude, I think the younger nudist generation also rejects the notion that public nudity has to be quarantined to specific venues to appease those in society who don't approve of it. I think that is a positive and believe change is good. Based on what you see and hear these days on the web and elsewhere it appears quite evident that interest in being nude because it is relaxing, liberating, comfortable and just good, wholesome fun is growing, especially among young adults. They simply prefer to do nudism in the ways that make sense for them rather than embracing the ways past generations have done it. I personally don't see anything wrong with that.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Advertising in our web site (2014)

Advertise on our web site by giving Us a donation to our Federation.
Available on our main page space to advertise your business.
The space is intended to activities that fall within the naturist ethics, allowing a beneficial partnership for both entities .
  • Unless otherwise spaces will be filled from top to bottom in the order of arrival .
  • To join you can make your donation through our NIB.
Donation: Visit our page

Friday, December 13, 2013

What's wrong with naked calendars?

Many student societies raise money through the sales of nude calendars – is it fun and liberating, or do they objectify women?  Source

Read this article and give Us your opinion about it!!!

Should nudity be use to all kinds of advertising, social causes or other issues ?

This kind of nudity will help to promote and dignify naturism or nudism?

Give Us your opinion.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What's the Problem with Nudity?

This documentary was published in 2009.

Give Us your opinion if it's stay up to date, or if there was an significant change since it´s publication.

Why are people embarrassed about their bodies? How and why did they get the way they are?

This documentary takes a group of volunteers and subjects them to a series of psychological and physical tests to challenge attitudes to the naked human form. The questions raised strike at the heart of human physical and social evolution.

Human beings are the only creatures that can be 'naked' - but why, how and when did people lose their fur? That question takes Horizon around the world to meet scientists from Africa to Florida, and they are finding answers in unexpected places: the chest hair of Finnish students, the genetic history of lice, and the sweat of an unusual monkey.

It turns out that something everyone takes for granted may hold the key to the success of the entire human species. Source

DISCLAIMER READ FIRST: All episodes contains full frontal nudity which may offend some viewers. The contents of this video are NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK), watch at your own desire or risk (depending on the situation).

This video is uploaded for educational purposes and all copyright credit goes to the BBC and producers of Horizon.

An episode of the BBC Documentary "Horizon", examining different attitudes towards nudity and why humans are the only "naked" animals, needing clothing for protection in place of fur.

Monday, December 9, 2013

ENY - European Naturist Youth

ENY is the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI)'s committee for youth.

ENY will help local youth naturist to organize groups near by where they live.

ENY could help them to participate in Youth annual meetings.

By joining affiliate Clubs of Portuguese Naturist Federation you will became part of ENY to.

Join naturism in Portugal and enjoy a new way of living.

Take part of the two traditional annual events organized by ENY:
  • the Spring Youth Rally;
  • the Summer Youth Rally. 
They gather 50-100 youth from dozens of European countries.

The Spring one will take place at Le Betulle resort near Turin (Italy) from Wed 28 May to Sun 1 June 2014.

The Summer one will take place at Solaris resort near Poreč (Croatia) from Mon 28 July to Fri 8 August 2014.

ENY will send you detailed information when they'll be available.

ENY's contacts are


Brochure France4Naturism Season 2014

Click below image to read it

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Naturist Wellness...in Frederksberg

Some Would Change Social Nudism... 
                                                                         ...and they don't know what they're talking about. 

Remember that when they spout their ideas of  'change'. The only change that's needed is in their attitude, not that of the rest of the nudist world!
                                                                We're fine! 

 The folks in this video can testify to that. 


Thursday, December 5, 2013

bookstore attacked for 'naked reading' campaign

The posters showed topless models standing in front of bookshelves or sitting on chairs reading with their chests strategically obscured by books.
Full article and credits here.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

35 Stunning Examples of Artistic Nude Photography

In the minds of many of us, nudity equals pornography. In this showcase I hope to prove that doesn’t have to be the case. Here I am bringing you a collection of stunning, strictly artistic nude photography. I have not purposely searched for black and white images, but the best artistic shots seem to very often be black and white. Also, I have tried to gather a selection of both male and female images, however, there is a much greater availability of artistic female nude photographs and that is reflected in this showcase.

See full article and photos here.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Famous Naturists

Yes indeed, there really are many famous people that are well know as being naturists. here is a listing of those people we could find are know to be naturists, both historical figures , famous people from the past, and from contemporary culture in the USA and elsewhere.

See full article and list here.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Beautiful Body Book Project 2013

Join The Movement Of Women Around The World Reshaping Body Image & Sharing Your Stories:

www.ABeautifulBodyProject.com - Jade Beall

This video is dedicated to all women, everywhere. YOU are irreplaceably beautiful. The project is dedicated to images that are not digitally altered, and shed light on the journey of women around the world to find beauty in themselves, to find self-confidence. It's time.

Volume 1 will specifically be photographs of mothers by Jade Beall and essays from each mother.

Find the music from this video by my sister Sapphire Bell here: www.SapphireBell.com

For more information please visit www.ABeautifulBodyProject.com

See video below:

Saturday, November 23, 2013

South Korea considers first nudist beach

The idea was put forward by the East Sea-Rim Headquarters (ESRH) - a department of the government in the eastern province of Gangwon - but is already receiving protests from the public, officials said on Wednesday.

The proposal envisages opening a nudist area by 2017 to attract more foreign visitors to a province known for its sandy beaches.

"We see this project as part of our efforts to promote tourism," an ESRH official said.

Despite its rapid modernisation, South Korea remains a largely conservative country and the official said the plan would need the approval of local residents.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nudist interview

True nudist interview with Katrina Rainsong

"I have just viewed this wonderful interview with Katrina Rainsong – who is a nude yoga teacher and a naturist – and wanted to share it with you. I have made some kind of a transcript of the video. You can either read the text or view the video. I hope you enjoy it.
The interview starts with"

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Report from the 32nd INF-EuNat Pétanque tournament at CHM Montalivet in France from the 13 until 15-09-2013

This year’s INF-EuNat 32nd Petanque Tournament was held on the site of CHM Montalivet in France, with the committee as well as members of the Association NACA and the Association of Naturist Friends of Montalivet working together to ensure a wonderful weekend of sport.

Competitors and supporters where spread around this large site, with part of the first day being locate your teams! Once the welcome drink on the Friday evening had taken place everyone soon quickly located friends old and new for this popular competition. We had 8 different countries knowing each other very well because they are waiting impatiently every year for this event to happen. Then the flags from United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany Switzerland and Luxembourg appeared. So, a total of 251 players and visitors. Some people decorated their tents and caravans with flags and bunting, helping us all to identify were we all where.

The games were declared open by the representative of EuNat Jim Russell Sports Officer and a welcome speech by Peter Brandner and the umpire. Then with a blow of the whistle the tournament was on. AS the morning play was going so well, no-one could have foretold the dread rainfall which happened in the afternoon, when play was not possible due to the heavy downfall. Following a meeting of the responsible coaches it was agreed to postpone play for the rest of the day and begin again early the next day. On waking what a delight to find some warm sun appearing from the clouded skies, once again play was on with an agreed 1 hour for lunch we quickly made up on lost time.

As the sun shone, it was pleasing to hear laughter, deep discussions and friendly banter around the playing areas. The final round was between France and the Netherlands, the home team was defeated by a young Netherlands team in a game that had competitors, supporters and onlookers holding their breath as some challenging shots were played on both sides. A match that will be remembered for a long time for its thrilling conclusion. So in 1ST place was Johan & Djamiila Vink (NFN) in 2nd Claude & Gislaine Pinaud (FFN) with the 3rd place taken by Gerard Ducoin & Viviane Roque (FFN). Within the consolation tournament 33rd place was Kurt & Kathe Dambacher (DFK) in 34th Silvio Reinhardt & Svenja Feddern (DFK); in 35thJan Paashuis & Ali Wijnstekers (NFN) and holding us all up was in 64thFrancesco Ferrant & Luisa Mussa FENAIT. This year’s results marks it as 4 years consecutively a team from the Netherlands have won the EuNat / INF-FNI Petanque Tournament. I think it must be the flat ground so often used to play in the Netherlands!

Last but not least, the management of the CHM offered a free one week holiday for 4 persons to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the main tournament and to the 1st and the 2nd of the consolation tournament.

During the closing of this tournament all the trophies were handled to the winners, with all the players receiving two bottles of wine one red and one rose. This was quickly followed by the multiple of gifts being handed over to the organizer and site by the federations Sport Responsible and Presidents of the different countries that had taken part in the games.

Concerning the restaurants the food for the weekend was of a high standard with the Saturday Gala Dinner proving to be a great hit.

As the evening carried on we were entertained by a regional musical performance by the 21ST Century Funk; a group of 11 musicians who kept most of us dancing to the midnight hour.

I wish to pass on my thanks to everyone concerned in the organisation of this event. Another year of success, were we meet together played our games, remained overall in good spirit and experienced the delights of the Montalivet site.

At the time of writing this report we do have a Federation that as submitted a request to organize this event in 2014. When we have a date it will be sent out to the federations. I look forward with delight for the coming year’s event.
Jim Russell EuNat/ INF-FNI responsible of sports and leisure for Europe

INF Focus - October 2013

Federation Focus
October 2013

Naturist Events in Your Country?

A reminder to send details of events in your country so that we can include them in the INF event calendar. Send the name, date, location and other details of important events that are being held to naturism@inf-fni.org.

British Naturism and its 10,000 members very much welcome the decision by the Crown Estate to lift the ban on Naturism on their foreshore at Holkham Beach

A delegation of BN officials are meeting with the Crown Estate and other interested parties later this month and we are confident that by following best practice, any remaining problems can be resolved. That part of the beach has been used by naturists for as long as anyone can remember and we are working very hard to ensure it stays that way.

However, BN’s campaigns director, Malcolm Boura, said: “The land above mean high tide is owned by the Holkham Estate and we are asking naturists to respect that the ban still exists on this part of the beach.”

He added: “We are very pleased that Norfolk Constabulary stated in a recent letter to us that they ‘wholeheartedly acknowledge that Naturism is not an offence’."

The news that the ban was to be lifted was warmly welcomed at the British Naturism National Convention last weekend.
The Crown Estate’s reversal of the ban on Naturism on their section of the beach followed a BN campaign. Commercial Sales Manager Andrew Welch said: “This once again emphasises how important it is that the many millions of Britons who enjoy naturism should join their national organisation, which fights to protect and promote the rights of people to enjoy a harmless and entirely legal leisure activity.”

34th INF Congress
Sept. 11-14, 2014
Lough Allen Hotel & Spa
Drumshanbo Co Leitrim


Remember to tell your member clubs to keep their listing up to date. They can login and edit their own club listing. If they have forgotten their login or need to register, just tell them to contact the INF.

About Focus

Focus is published by the INF for its member federations. You are welcome to redistribute it to your members or use any of the content in your local country's publications. If you need any of the texts or images in another format, please contact the INF General Secretariat at: naturism@inf-fni.org

We also welcome contributions from member federations. Please send us news about what is happening in your country and we will share it with the rest of the world.

The INF Celebrates its 60th Anniversary at the CHM Montalivet
Speeches at the INF monumentFrom September 20th to 22nd, the INF celebrated its 60th Anniversary at its birthplace, the Centre Helio Marin de Montalivet in France. Celebrations of the formation of the INF appear to have been held every 20 years as a commemorative plaque was affixed to the INF monument at the CHM Montalivet for the 20th, 40th, and now 60th anniversaries. In addition to speeches by some of the dignitaries in attendance, several of the federations presented the INF with gifts in honour of this momentous event.

The gifts from the federations

Belgium: A collection of delicious Belgian beers from the country that takes pride in craft brewing. Denmark: A charming painting illustrating the pure pleasure of swimming nude.

Germany: A wonderful composition created for the 60th anniversary of the INF and titled "Naturist young family with a child". It is by the talented, young artist and designer, Elke Strauch from Holzwickede/NRW. UK: A lovely cut Crystal with a dedication by the President of BN, Angela Russell.

Italy: A beautifully framed certificate honouring the 60th anniversary of the INF. France: Small signs announcing naturism at Montalivet. Each member of the INF present was given one.

Luxembourg: A portrait of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a wonderful book that provides a portrait of Luxembourg Luxembourg: a beautiful Crystal Swan by Swarovski.

Netherlands: An exquisite set of mugs decorated by artist Alie Kruse-Kolk. Her paintings are in warm, compelling colors in a play of light and shadow, whose atmosphere is reflected in exuberant colors. She paints as she is herself: direct and powerful, always looking for the core of things by simplifying its complexity.

Norway: Naken – naturligvis, Naken – naturligvis, a fascinating book on the 50 anniversary of the birth of the Norwegian Federation with a chronicle of the past 50 years. Portugal: A great illustration by the young architect Barbara Bernardo. It represents the walk and work that all naturists have been made since 1953 with the INF journey from Montalivet (1953) to Montalivet (2013) Also represented is the FPN (Portugal) journey to their best known official naturist beach, Meco Beach, a place where thousands of naturist meet in the summer.

Portugal: A great illustration by the young architect Barbara Bernardo. It represents the walk and work that all naturists have been made since 1953 with the INF journey from Montalivet (1953) to Montalivet (2013)  Also represented is the FPN (Portugal) journey to their best known official naturist beach, Meco Beach, a place where thousands of naturist meet in the summer. Slovenia: A superb and unique watch handmade by the Slovenian artist Polona Kovacic; registered under no. 7754-05\/13.

Sweeden: Geliebtes Schweden – Wunderbare Natur & Gutes Essen, a delightful book that take you through a journey through Sweden including traditional dishes.

Spain: A collection of delicious red wines from the region to Madrid. (no image)

Hungary: A charming painting from the artists’ workshop organized each year by Janos Sandor for sculptors, painters and jewelry designers.

Speech of the President of the INF

Dear friends of naturism,
Today we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the INF. This gives us the opportunity to look at the past. Above all we have the possibility to look ahead of us. Therefore I would like to describe the voyage of INF through the decades also as a cruise. Finally, experiencing naturist cruises over the oceans currently is „in vogue“ for naturists. Historical sites and events would be chosen as excursions on land.
The captain of the ship, in the case of the INF a female captain, always also needs a well working crew, otherwise the cruise ship sooner or later will set on sand. Therefore it is important to say thanks for the past as well as to encourage each other for the present time and the future.
Of course helmsman and sailor men are joining me on the bridge deck. Similar wise we in the INF Committees manage to direct the destinies of INF across all national borders as well as all language barriers. But it also depends on the crew at the front lines of our cruise. For this reason it is important that the national federations give their input for the international work, so that we not only are taken seriously as enthusiastic naturist people, but also be able to give a fresh impetus. As it happens to each cruise, also we at the INF have survived some storms. The most important point: With all these damages we did not have any leaks in our ship, but we remained safe and sound.
Port of departure was Montalivet. That’s why we are now together here, with our French friends of nudity. Here we can be as we want to be. Here we can think over how we can make our naturist movement more vivid and colourful. It has not only been that our predecessors in 1953 thought about what sense an international alliance can make. Already right at the start of the movement the INF Membership card has been a fix element. When today I think about, that on hand of this card INF naturists may get deductions at commercial naturist sites, then for me the question also comes of course, whether this should be the only purpose?
When we want to be guest at associations (also border crossing) the INF licence also opens doors to many naturist club sites. Could the INF Membership today rather be part of a naturist normality, no?
Let’s dare right away to make a long passage over the large ocean to America. There, already in 1958, naturists have had successes in relation to publicity works for the naturist movement. The INF Chronicle mentions: „For nearly 20 years a fight is going on in the USA to be able to publish naturist magazines with non-retouched photographs.” In the present days this also legally run dispute seems to be anachronistic. Countless magazines and even more publicity posters are decorated by men and even more ladies in scarce cloths, respectively in the splendour of Adam and Eve. The attractiveness of these publications appears at such a pronounced level that the naturist magazines nowadays disappear into insignificance. There are no differences between the naturist federations on the American or European continent.
This fact leads to the tasks we, as naturist enthusiasts must face, meanwhile I think that people of the modern times do not need any naturist clubs or naturist federations to undress. They wander to the beaches and riversides to take off swimsuits and bikinis. For them it is no problem to use public space to this. So the questions remains, what can naturist clubs and naturist federations offer in order to keep people tied with them? What in fact is the real benefit of our living movement?
On the other hand we have to think about our own presentation. Many of us still face difficulties with the modern media and the social networks. They are not the solution to anything, yet they seem to be indispensable to get the young and middle generation tied to us. The speed of the social networks, for example, cannot be beaten. There are many naturist events which are arranged short term via Facebook or Doodle. It appears we have a lot to catch up with the regular media, too. The fact that, for example, Internet seems to make printed publications unnecessary, requires our creativity so that we could maybe shake off the image of club magazines. Would it not be a great idea if one day the naturist magazines could also be found in the libraries at railway stations?
Let’s the excursion on the American content take its end at this moment. The cruise ship has set course again to the European continent. In 1962 the INF Congress at Hanover took place with delegations of 16 nations and with about 3000 guests. Incredible, if we imagine that the 60th anniversary at this moment takes place with delegations from 19 nations and 60 guests. State ministers and mayors gave the honour to make their welcome speeches at the INF Congresses. What is this presence looking like today?
Times are changing, and so does the naturist movement. But what has changed that the importance of the INF and the national federations has decreased at such an extend? It is not possible to give clear answers just like that. At Hanover, in 1962, thoughts were made, whether religiosity is an issue for the naturist movement. Word-to-word: “Here the human being, acting out from the religious depth to cope with his life, becomes the model. Naturism is a philosophy of life, which aims to eliminate the unessential, the worthless and the hollow appearance.” It sounds strong that the naturist movement thinks about such kind of contents. When beginning October the 100th recurrence of the meeting of the free youth unions (the German naturist youth group “deutsche fkk-jugend e.V.” also is member of it) will be celebrated at the “Hohen Meißner“ in proximity of Kassel in Germany, there will also be memories of substantive disputes about the youth movement and the life reform, who wanted to protest against the development of time, by a life close to nature and a life in nudity.
In 1962 many federations had to fight about children. In Belgium, in South Africa and in Australia a „Prohibition of naturism on the issue of children“ had to be averted. I simply believe that we will make us more credible if we would return back to the contents again. Then we do not give any opportunities to our opponents to attack us on the prevailing conventions.
The cruise ship is about to move from the North Sea to the British Island. Actually something very special had happened there. In 1970 we offered an opportunity to the cartoonists to go for the naturism as we practise it. An Anglican priest participated at the opening of the 12th World Congress in Orpington (GB). The cartoonists presented the apparent contradiction of a buttoned Anglican priest and the frank naked people in varied ways. During this meeting the reciprocity of the organized and non-organized naturists became very clear.”
Of course the cruise ship did not stop at the British jetty. In 1978, however, it returned to the vicinity of Portsmouth. Here the delegates of the INF world tourism discussed the naturist holidays. „The great mass of unorganized and the small group of organized naturists must coexist and must support each other…” one can read. When today we think about nude hiking, this is becoming obvious. Many clubs sceptically observe this new trendy sport. The naturist everyday life proves that nude hiking is experiencing a strong popularity. That nude hiking also produces positive news in press, whilst not omitting seriousness, turns this trendy sport into an venture to be taken seriously.
From the Atlantic the cruise ship takes its course to the Mediterranean Sea, to find the way to the site of„Costa Natura“, close to Málaga in Spain. There the issue was the „Future of the organized Naturism“. Yes, 30 year ago we had the same question mark in our eyes, just like today. That the clubs and the federations should perceive this task as the mainspring of the naturism, could also be the message of Montalivet today, couldn’t it?
Somehow the number of passengers during the 90ties decreased. The importance of the INF was minimized. Much revolved about money and also about posts. There have always been a lot of human contacts. This has also always been the sympathetic part of it and this will remain so. Human contacts belong to the work in federations, at final end our clubs and federations live from people. Let’s just look how we can maintain the INF cruise ship on course and make the naturist movement more likely to get the majority. I, as captain, am ready for it. But I do need the crew on the bridge deck and at the ports where we stop.
It’s about time that the „old ones“ let go of the rudder and do not stick onto their chairs – the young people are the present and the future – especially in many federations, associations and clubs aging and the earlier or later extinction still is not being perceived as a problem, we should work on this...In this sense „To successful future decades“.

Sieglinde Ivo

Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Reasons Why Yogis Are Happier People

If yoga make people so happier...imagine what naked yoga can make for you.

Join naturist yoga classes in Lisbon and discover by yourself!

Article originally publish - link

Last year, an estimated one out of every ten adults reported being depressed. Can you guess the primary culprit?

Stress. In an age of having, doing, and multitasking, stress and stimulation are everywhere.

Most people never give themselves enough time to truly decompress and relax. Even when we go on vacations, there is often little relief from the demands of daily life, whether it’s work, family, or friends. There’s always a voicemail, text, or email message waiting to be answered. There’s always more that you feel like you need or want to do.

So how is it that in these days of nonstop information and stress that millions of people are not only finding stress-relief, but also reporting greater levels of peace, joy, and contentment in their lives?

They practice yoga, of course!

More and more studies are confirming what yogis have been claiming all along: Those who consistently practice yoga are consistently happier. Here’s why:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top 10 Misconceptions About Nudism

Do you agree with the next 10 Misconceptions About Nudism?
Do you know more ?
Let Us know your opinion and new Misconceptions About Nudism from you
Just comment this article! 

Many people have found nudism a great resource for freedom and relaxation. However, nudism (what some also refer to as naturism) is also one of the most misunderstood lifestyles among the general population. Lets take some time to explore nudism and break through the misconceptions many have formulated over time about this exotic lifestyle. [JFrater: You won't believe how hard it was trying to find work-safe images for this list!]
10 - Sexual Acts 
Misconception: Nudist resorts and events are places of sexual activity.
This is the most untrue misconception about nudism. In fact, any place where true nudism is practiced, sexual activity, exhibitionism and voyeurism are strictly prohibited, and such conduct results in the offending participant being expelled from the grounds immediately, never to be allowed to re-enter. Sexual activity is not allowed any more in a nudist resort or event than any typical public setting, and the other members are even encouraged to report such conduct, if they see it, to the organizer or owner of the facility.

9 - Sexy 
Misconception: Nudism is sexually stimulating.
Many people, when they try nudism, find themselves surprised at the lack of sexual arousal they experience. Many men are even afraid of trying the lifestyle for fear of being visibly aroused. However, nudist facilities usually make it quite clear to men that this hardly ever happens, and to roll over or take a dip in the pool in the small chance that it does. At naturist resorts and events, participants find so many other activities to do and sights to see that arousal is the last thought to come to mind. Many nudists even forget that they, and the other people, are nude. People in a naturist setting actually find that they are less likely to be aroused there than at a beach or pool where people wear bathing suits, for bathing suits actually draw attention to the body parts they are supposed to hide.

8 -Hotties 
Misconception: Nudists have attractive bodies.
Again, a misconception. Nudists have all kinds of bodies; any kind, size or shape of body you see in day to day life. People who practice nudism come in all sorts of sizes, all sorts of ages and come from every imaginable walk of life. Many people worry about trying nudism because they are worried they are too fat, have a scar or just don’t look like a supermodel. Anyone is allowed in, and no one ever makes fun of anyone or comments about anyone’s body. Nudism is not a beauty contest.

7 - Adults Only 
Misconception: Nudism is for adults only
Nudism welcomes children and actually encourages families with young children to bring their kids. Children are the most enthusiastic nudists because they have not yet learned to feel shame about their own or others’ bodies, or to equate nudity with sex. Most venues even have play areas and activities set up for children. However, children are only allowed to enter if they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, and their parents, organizers and the other nudists are always on the lookout for anyone who would take advantage of children.

6 - Clothing 
Misconception: Nudists remain unclothed all the time
This misconception is the only one with some truth to it. Nudists remain unclothed any time when practical, but tend to dress when the weather becomes too cool or rainy, or if they are operating a barbecue or stove. Nudist children who are not toilet trained are required to wear swim shorts or a diaper in the pool. Likewise, in the winter, nudist resorts generally close and the resort owner arranges for events in an indoor setting, such as a swimming pool, gymnasium or sports facility. Nonetheless, anyone visiting a nudist venue is strongly encouraged to disrobe immediately, or soon after arriving, as a deterrent against voyeurs.

5 -Perverts 
Misconception: Nudists are perverts, weirdos and other sorts of sexually deviant people
Not true at all. In general, nudists are open, understanding and extremely friendly. The fact is, you probably don’t remember it, but there were days when you could scamper around the house in your birthday suit. The members that are older than young children are simply older or adult versions of those people. They tend to be understanding, open-minded and willing to listen to others’ thoughts, views and opinions. They are friendly and open to newcomers, and are typically repulsed at even the thought of pornography or sexual immorality.

4 - Asexuality 
Misconception: Nudists are asexual people
Some people think that by treating nudity as not so much a sexual thing, nudists deny human sexuality altogether. In fact, nudists do marry and reproduce, just like nature intended. They just don’t include their sexual activities in their lifestyle, as it wouldn’t be conducive to an innocent, family atmosphere, and would perpetuate the common misconception that all nudity is sexual. Nudists are sexual beings just like you and I, but they conduct their activities in private, in their bedrooms, between married partners only. [Image Source]

3 - Privacy 
Misconception: Nudists have no sense of privacy
Although nudists feel comfortable in the nude, they tend to be particularly shy of cameras and have aspects of their life they do not need the world to know. Just because someone is nude, one should not take that as a signal to treat their life like an open diary or take pictures as they please. In most naturist settings, photography is restricted or even prohibited and taking pictures of children (even innocent ones) is strictly forbidden, in order to deter voyeurs and molesters. Likewise, when a person becomes a nudist, the club keeps their information private, just like a person’s information is held confidential in any typical public place.

2 - Illegal
Misconception: Nudism is illegal
Some people think that nudist venues are a branch of some kind of black market, that they keep their lifestyles secret and unknown to law enforcement for fear of being arrested and prosecuted. While I cannot speak for every jurisdiction and area of land on the planet, in most places, laws do not strictly target nudism. In most countries, it is simply illegal to be nude in a public place, and law enforcement generally treats nudist venues as being exempt from that law as everyone who visits agrees to be nude, and the venue is kept out of public view. Many nudists advertise and communicate their lifestyle through the media, and law enforcement treats their lifestyle as a legitimate cause. Some nudists are even police officers, judges or lawyers themselves. However, there are a few jurisdictions where this misconception is a reality. Nudism is officially illegal in the state of Arkansas and in the countries of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Sometimes, the police even make frivolous arrests, such as a crack down on a nude beach, or arresting typical parents who take innocent nude photos of their young children, but in these cases, the court usually sees reason and dismisses the charges as unlawful and unsubstantiated.

1 -Recent Innovation 
Misconception: Nudism is new and alien in the history of humankind
Humans began naked, both historically and biblically. Many believe that humans originally began to wear clothes as a means to keep warm. Then, over many millennia, clothes evolved to denote status and class. Clothes slowly evolved to the point where a body without clothes was taboo. However, if you visit the ancient cathedrals in England, you will see many innocent statues of undressed humans and many great artists, such as Renoir, Donatello and Michelangelo depicted nude subjects. Nudist clubs and resorts are relatively new in North America, a movement about a century old, but the swimsuit is also a new invention, prior to which people swam and used saunas in the nude. When the swimsuit was created about a century ago, it covered most of the body but has been gradually covering less of the body with time. If you put on your swimsuit today and went back in time a hundred years to a beach, you would probably get arrested, but go back two hundred years and people will wonder why you’re dressed at all.

Published by - David Hopkins February 23, 2011
In - http://listverse.com/2011/02/23/top-10-misconceptions-about-nudism/

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Right to Bare Breasts

Bare Breasts are not common in Portugal,  even in beach is rare, women prefer to join naturist beach for topless.

Women in Portugal does not talk about this subject or try to do it.

Give your opinion about Portuguese women and the Right to Bare Breasts in our society.

One of the things that make America great is its love its people have for fairness, freedom and equal rights. We’re all aware of what the Founding Fathers wrote about all men (this now includes women, too) being equal.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meco Beach - Official Naturist Beach

Meco Official Naturist Beach is really popular by the Portuguese and well known internationally. This is not without a reason, this beach is really wonderful – it is located in the middle of a “Serra da Arrabida” natural park. The beach coast line is brilliant, the climate is perfect and the surrounding forest is well persevered. The beach is a mecca for surfers and nudists.

Getting there
Going from Lisbon it is a 40 km drive? Take the A2 South Highway, drive towards Sesimbra, turn right after Fernão Ferro to Alfarim. Turn right again to beaches, also known as “Praias” in Portuguese.
When you get to the parking lots, then leave your car before the beach. When at the beach turn left and get a nice full body tan anywhere after the first spring.

There is bar and restaurant on the textile area of the beach.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Adegas Beach - Official Naturist Beach


Region: Vicentine Coast - Aljezur County

Location: The South Beach Odeceixe

Directions: Getting to the beach Odeceixe a 500m walk over the road to a car park, down a steep ramp to the beach access stairs. Alternatively, at low tide, you can walk from South Beach Odeceixe

Facilities: Lifeguard, with parking, bar in the textile beach Odeceixe

Comments: Fine sand

N 37°26'15.57"
W 8°47'56.09"


Naturismo: Roteiro de praias